Light 2 Foundation Collection

Light 2 Foundation Collection
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Product Description

Light 2 Foundation Collection Product Facts

The Youngevity® Light 2 Foundation Collection includes: Sensual™ Foundation, Beautiful™ Foundation, Lovely Glow™ Bronzer, Angel Face™ Setting Powder, Waterless Vitamin C, Botanical Spa Morning Hydration Cream, Professional Brushes (Ultimate Concealer Flawless Face Kabuki), and Makeup Booklet.

Product Facts

Ideal for fair complexions with pink or golden undertones, the Youngevity® Light 2 Foundation Collection contains two foundation shades that can be combined to match your skin tone. Lightweight mineral blends provide flawless and long-lasting coverage for all skin types. Finely milled formulas smooth over fine lines, wrinkles and pores while absorbing excess oil. The natural ingredients used in these products are hypoallergenic and protect skin from damaging UV rays.

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