Flu Buster Ingredients

Flu Buster

(2 Oz Liquid Tincture)

Healers around the world have long venerated the earthy ingredients in Flu Busterô. Today, medical science heralds this time-honored wisdom. Flu Busterís health-restoring prescription reads like a recipe for health.

  • Extract of Garlic stimulates your immune system, clears mucous, inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Onion fights viral and bacterial agents.
  • Ginger attacks flu viruses, increases your immune response to infection.
  • Habenero juice and horseradish stimulate your bodyís defenses and the flow of blood through your system.
  • Apple cider vinegar draws out and breaks down throat germs and toxins.

    Suggested Use: 1-2 droppersworth in 2 oz of juice three times a day. For special use; increase to every hour.

    Warning: This is an Alcoholic Herbal Extract. Consult your doctor before use if your are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical condition. Discontinue use and consult your physician immediately if you experience any reactions.

    A Note on All Herbal Tinctures: For those of you who have a problem using tinctures that contain alcohol. Be aware that the alcohol must be used for extracting and preserving the active phytochemicals found in the herbs. However, if you are sensitive to alcohol, place the recommended dosage in 2 to 3 ounces of hot water and let it cool to lukewarm before taking. The alcohol will have evaporated.

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