Qi Nopal Single Bottle Product - 32 oz

Qi Nopal Single Bottle Product - 32 oz
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Qi Nopal (pronounced "chee no-paul") may very well be THE most powerful natural health and wellness product ever developed.

Wild-crafted in high desert volcanic soils, the cactus pears that become Qi Nopal harness the Energy of Life, the Qi, from sunlight, air and water so pure, they are only found in earth's most remote ecosystems.

Qi Nopal uses only the freshest, nutrient dense fruits sustainably harvested by a Rural Cooperative Association of over 350 growers and processors. Qi Nopal is a product you can feel good about purchasing. Made only from the fruit of the original, ancient species - Opuntia ficus-indica and grown at elevations of over 7500 ft, Qi Nopal's nutritional potency is unparalleled.

The robust health benefits of Nopal have been known to the indigenous people of Mesoamerica for thousands of years. Now, modern science is confirming the wisdom of the ancients with an abundance of research studies documenting Nopal's dramatic nutritional benefits. Renowned for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Nopal fruit is rich in Betalains a very extraordinary and unique anti-oxidant.

Restore your Qi (Chi). Absorb the Energy of Life and experience the healing with Qi Nopal.

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