Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Autoimmune

Aches and Pains of the Muscles (Fibromyalgia)

When stretching any distance, nerve cells are sheathed in an off-white insulating covering called myelin which protects the nerves from trauma and chemical erosion well as preventing short-circuiting of the electric impulses along the way. Along the nerves throughout the body are special cells called Schwann cells, which continually maintain the myelin sheath. Progesterone is made by the Schwann cells, allowing them to perform their function.

It is no surprise, then, to discover that fibromyalgia, inflammation of the nerve cells in the muscle accompanied by aches and pains, is the result of progesterone deficiency. The traditional medical approach uses non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants and a variety of stress management techniques without great success. Dr. Lee found that fibromyalgia, which is reaching epidemic proportions in the Unites States, would disappear within six months to a year upon using progesterone supplements.


Arthritis is a condition of aching joints or an ache of the connective tissue around the joints. Doctors usually prescribe non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. The origins of such symptoms have a variety of causes. One such cause is the lack of physiological (made by the body) cortisone responses to check the inflammatory reactions. Natural progesterone has anti-inflammatory properties that the synthetic analogues do not have. In addition to his own experience, Dr. Lee has had many doctors report that women have experienced significant relief from aches and pains.

The above information about fibromyalgia and arthritis and Natural Progesterone was taken from Sherrill Sellman’s book, Hormone Heresy.

Autoimmune Diseases and Progesterone

Women are afflicted with autoimmune diseases at a much higher rate than men, which is a good clue that female hormone balance is involved in some way. The onset of autoimmune disorders occurs most often in middle-aged women – the time of life when estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency are most common. Autoimmune diseases are not only more common in women but also appear to be related to estrogen supplementation or estrogen dominance. Recent studies have shown that women who use HRT containing estrogen are more likely to get lupus. Birth control pills also cause autoimmune diseases by causing the body to form antibodies to its own hormones.

Progesterone can often help ease the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, but it’s best to work with an experienced health care professional who can address the whole body.

Men may also use Natural Progesterone to balance testosterone, to alleviate symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, and to reverse the feminizing effects of too much estrogen.

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